Social Media

Adding a Facebook account is a no brainer! You’d be a Twit not to Tweet!

It’s free and easy to manage. However, it can be time consuming, especially if you are busy running your business and/or dealing with contractors and other repair issues. Not to mention, that there are certain “tricks of the trade” that take time to learn and keep up with.

I have been using social media for years as a way to promote businesses, and currently manage many Facebook and Twitter business pages. It is second nature to me to add links and photos, tag images, add locations, etc. to increase followers of these pages. My posts are timely, relevant, professional, and intriguing. I can include surveys, special offers, etc. to generate interest and additional sharing of posts. I also “cross-pollinate” links to and from the different pages I manage to further increase new followers.

I will create (or if you already have one, take a few basic steps to improve) your Facebook account at no cost as a one-time gesture. Ask me how.