Free WordPress Websites


Non-Profit Businesses, Get Your FREE One-Page Website, No Catch!

How it Works

We use the latest and most flexible technology in websites. You’ve probably heard of it; it’s called WordPress. It’s an “open source” platform, which means it is built and made better every day by the community that uses it. Over one-third of Fortune 500 companies have a WordPress website, and that number is growing. Here is a list of some of the notable companies who have made the switch.

One thing our customers like about WordPress is that it has an easy to use, online dashboard for editing that anyone can use — no special software is required. It offers many FREE theme (design) options and various other FREE plugins and widgets to make your site “buzz.” These are all things you will be able to add once we create the site and turn it over to you to manage. It’s that easy! No cost, no catch, for the basic one-page set up. Our gift to you!

In addition, we use DreamHost for hosting. If you want to also take advantage of our free hosting package, your web address will be But if you want or already have your own domain name, you can redirect to this address and no one will ever know.

WordPress has a very user-friendly back end which we will send you your own login for. You can easily add your own additional pages, menu tabs, images, links to your Facebook and Twitter pages, you name it. As much or as little as you feel comfortable with. All of this is free, no risk to try it out and see what you think.

If you want something more customized, or would like to buy extra features, like your own domain name, additional support by the hour, week or month, see the Additional Services tab. But, these are not required in order to get your free one-page site.

To get started:

Please email me with images, content for an “About” paragraph, contact info, store hours, or anything else you want included in your free web page and we will get it set up for  you. Please feel free to tell others you know who may also need a website. Just try to be patient with us if we get a lot of requests at once!

Send your info to We will notify you with your domain name and back-end login info once your free one-page website is set up and ready for your review. You can start making your own additional edits, directing customers there, etc. It’s that simple. Expecting something more complicated? A bill to activate? A bait and switch? Sorry to disappoint.