Getting Started

Want to create or redo a website but don’t want to spend too much? Don’t know what you need vs. what is overkill?

Here’s our list of 1-2-3 things you NEED.

  1. You should start with your own unique web address.
    Click on our domain search tool to check availability and purchase your new domain name online. Only $19.95 for most available domains. Many providers bundle this with other services and you end up not knowing what you’ve got, and letting services go to waste. Buy your domain name a-la-carte and avoid the ol’ bait and switch.
  2. You’ll need a host.
    Think of it like this. Your domain name is your address, but you still need a house. The host is “hosting” your “house”or site on their servers. Again, you can pay for bundled services, but you’ll end up paying for more than you need. It’s confusing. The providers are counting on keeping you confused so you won’t know how to separate out and only pay for what you need. I use DreamHost, and can offer you a flat fee for hosting.
  3. You’ll need a CMS
    This is a content management system. I use WordPress. It’s the best and it’s the fastest growing, most flexible platform out there. If you’re still not convinced, click here to learn why I swear by it. And how you can get a starter site for free.

Get all 3 of the above from me and I’ll make sure everything is installed on the right servers and pointing to the right address so you can take off and do the rest yourself, or you can purchase any additional options, if and when, you need them. We offer various levels of support for the above options. From free to the cadillac version.  But, yes, we have free starter packages if you don’t want to pay a dime for your website ever again. Ask me how!

Now, here is a list of everything else that is optional. This is our top 10 add-on list, although there are certainly others.

  1. Email accounts. Yep, we got ’em.
  2. Social Media. Facebook. Twitter. You Tube. Google +. You name it. We got it down.
  3. Website conversion. On it.
  4. Programming. Plugins. Widgets. From PHP to XYZ, we are here for you.
  5. Graphic Design, Print Collateral
  6. Search Engine Optimization. Analytics. Backups. We’re your go to.
  7. Site customization: Themes, headers, menus, favicons, logos. Yep, yep, yep, yep and yep.
  8. Hourly services. At your service.
  9. Weekly/Monthly Maintenance Plans. Ditto.
  10. Anything else? Just ask.