No-cost Fundraisers

Receive up to 20% of the revenues generated from your online store, with no set-up fees, no risk, no inventory. How?

We have wholesale relationships with top-notch vendors and equipment to design and personalize custom merchandise. We don’t order the materials until the items have been paid for by your supporters, so there is no inventory to manage.

We allow customers to avoid shipping fees and pick up their items at our warehouse in Jeffersontown, KY (near Skyview Park) or pay shipping costs and have the items shipped to them.

The reason we can pay these higher fundraising percentages is because our products are custom designed in-house, using volunteer labor whenever possible.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of etched items. No minimum quantity. Shirt orders are only open for a limited amount of time and shipped 2-3 weeks upon the completion of the offering.

Here is an example of a fundraiser we are doing to save public schools in Kentucky. Call 260-633-0463 to see if it makes sense to set up a similar fundraiser for your organization or cause. How can we help you?